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FBI expands hunt on warez scene

Found this over on GeekNews, pointing to a story over on New Order, regarding some additional information in relation to the FBI's ongoing warez raids.

The FBI has, in the past week, been involved in raids against WAREZ groups, including 90+ scene group senior members and leaders in US, Canada, Britain, Australia, Norway, 2 cracking groups in Poland. New raids are expected in the next days or so..

Now We've got confirmed insider information, that four major efnet servers are currently running in debug mode, which enables them to see ALL private traffic, like private chat, passwords sent to channel protection bots, messages, etc. and the information is being filtered and sent to the FBI, which requested this. Currently, a big EDU server, and .ORG server.

(If I can dig up any more information, I will update as needed. Ed.)

News source: New Order

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