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FIFA 14 to be bundled with Xbox One while stocks last in European launch countries [Update]

We reported yesterday that Microsoft was to give way a popular free game with the Xbox One, and today at Gamescom, Microsoft have confirmed the rumors and revealed the game.

Popular football (soccer) game FIFA 14 is to be bundled with Xbox One preorders at launch for the UK and much of Europe as a digital download while stocks last. The game which normally costs about £50 (GBP) is very popular in Europe and should help with sales there.

While Microsoft continues to reveal new and attractive features to sway prospective buyers to the side of the Xbox One, its prior blunders could have rendered the console DOA. Its policy reversals as well as the bundled game may provide a boost and cement the Xbox One in people's minds as a serious contender.

Other recently revealed incentives include the fact that neither the console nor the games are region locked. As the console was reportedly region locked as well as launching in only 13 markets to begin with, it would not matter if it could make coffee and run a bath if consumers could not get their hands on it. However, prior to today's conference at Gamescon, Microsoft had revealed that neither the console nor the games are to be region locked and that both would be globally usable.

In other words, a Japanese buyer-for example- can purchase an Xbox one from another country, complete with games and use it in Japan without being blocked. However, services like apps and media will be restricted by region and would affect the overall experience. The company has also confirmed that the staggered launch is not due to production issues but rather due to firmware and regional adjustments.

Launch volumes are not really an issue. This was simply a software issue in terms of getting local language and voice support in the dash. It's pretty straightforward, but disappointing I know for people who are missing launch

This added freedom as well as the addition of the FIFA games along with all the bells and whistles the One possess could help increase sales and demand beyond available markets.

The One's predecessor, the 360 has been universally hailed as a commercial success and is still very popular in many markets across the globe. As the company builds on that reputation and attempts to create a distinct Xbox experience, it is becoming likely that the Xbox may meet analysts' sales predictions for the year and match or even outsell Sony's PlayStation 4 console.

Update: Seems the demo for Fifa 14 (on other mediums) will be available from Sep 10 as well!

Image via EA

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