First Crysis 2 map pack coming May 17

Crysis 2 came out last March and since then the sci-fi first person shooter sequel from developer Crytek and publisher Electronic Arts has officially sold over 2 million copies. Now EA has just announced plans to release the game's first downloadable mini-expansion, the Retaliation map pack, on May 17.

The map pack will add four new multiplayer maps for Crysis 2. One is Park Avenue, set smack in the middle of a war torn Manhattan. Another is Transit, located in and around a wrecked subway car. The third map is Shipyard where players will battle in and around various New York City docks and ships. Finally there is Compound which will be set in what looks like a defense-based location. The map pack will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. So far pricing for the map pack has yet to be revealed.

Crysis 2 is the first game from Crytek that uses its CryEngine 3 game development tools which have already been licensed by other third party game developers such as City Interactive. However, PC players were disappointed that the PC port of Crysis 2 didn't have native support for DirectX 11 based graphical features, something that Crytek had previously promoted before the game came out. However Crytek has now announced that the game will get an update that will add DirectX 11 features to the PC version. An exact release date for that patch has yet to be released. Later this summer Crytek plans to release mod tools for Crysis 2 along with a free version of CryEngine 3 that will allow anyone to make their own stand alone games with the tools.

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