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First retail Kinect Windows 7 application detailed

It seems that After-mouse.com may become the first company to release a retail application that has been developed specifically for Kinect on Microsoft Windows 7.

According to the after-mouse.com website, the application allows clients to search through a company database along with the ability to consult prices, pictures, video, brochures as well as the option to use a 3D view of products.

It even allows clients to compare products and order directly from the interface by using the basket function. It also has detailed user stats that will help businesses find out what products or features have been most used via the application. A video demonstration of the application can be viewed below.

Meanwhile, On-Windows spoke to Nicolas Chailian, the CEO of After-mouse, who said, “The world of new information technologies is constantly evolving, and gesture recognition is the logical progression from tactile recognition. After-mouse.com benefits from a major R&D capacity which enables us to be reactive and adapt very rapidly to innovation in the marketplace”.

After-mouse said that the great advantage to using Microsoft Kinect is that it can be controlled with any device that has the Windows 7 operating system, while it can also be used from behind a window, which means that shoppers could try out the applications when they walk past a shop window on the street.

The company has a long history in tactile software development, not just with Kinect and Windows 7, but also with Microsoft Surface where they have launched products aimed at gaming, catering, retail and real estate amongst many others. The company now plans to create similar applications for Kinect.

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