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Fix Windows Vista Fonts

This just in from Chris Pirillo on Windows Vista inconsistency's, this time it's the fonts:

I've been labeled a nitipicker for seeing skipped details that few others seem to see on the surface of an application's user interface. Guilty as charged! Download this simple registry patch, but please read the entire post before applying it?

I'm not happy that Microsoft has added yet another shell font to the mix with Windows Vista: Segoe UI. On its own, Segoe UI is an awesome font - but when it's slapped up against Tahoma, MS Sans Serif, Microsoft Sans Serif, and/or Arial - it's no longer a clean user experience. In fact, Vista is downright messy when it comes to shell fonts - with some aliased faces reaching back to the days of Windows 3.11!

These blatant font oversights were shoved onto the backburner for the sake of (a) 100% backwards compatibility and (b) time. However, that didn't stop me from diving into REGEDIT and setting things straight. The good news? I believe I've figured out how to make everything inside of Windows Vista stick to Segoe UI. It's a subtle, yet radical, transformation.

Applying this registry patch will change ALL system fonts to Segoe UI, including those in default application fonts. Please be cautious before going ahead.

Download: Segoe UI Registry Patch (for Windows Vista)
View: Full Article @ Chris Pirillio.com

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