Fleksy Messenger brings predictive keyboard to Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo

While the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are fairly good devices, they don't offer a way to communicate with an incoming text beyond the default text message templates that are set up in advance. Fleksy, a third party keyboard app currently for iOS and Android, is aiming to correct this with its new keyboard application that will allow Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo owners the ability to communicate freely using a touch screen keyboard. 

Fleksy Messenger is a stand-alone messaging application that, when opened, immediately launches into your contact list. You can then select your recipient, which will show you the current conversation that you are having with that person. Regardless if you have started a conversation with that person or not, the only option available is to reply to that person. Once you hit reply, you are launched into a small window with a keyboard. Luckily, the Fleksy Messenger app has built-in predictive messaging that does a fairly good job of correcting any mistakes made on the miniscule keyboard.

Currently, Fleksy Messenger is a stand-alone product that does not integrate with any other portion of the Samsung Gear experience. This means that you cannot use the keyboard to type out an email, post to Facebook, or type a tweet. It can only be used to type a text when inside the Fleksy app. This poses a bit of a problem considering that when you a receive texts, it only alerts you via the default Samsung notifications application. While this is concerning, it is the first iteration of the app and should surely see some revisions in the future. 

While it isn't the most polished, its a promising idea that caters to a niche crowd. It certainly can make things a lot easier when you are in a pinch or are too lazy to respond via your Samsung mobile device. ​Fleksy Messenger is available now from the Samsung Apps library. 

Source: Fleksy via Droid Life | clip via Fleksy

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