Former DrinkOrDie Member Chris Tresco Answers

Saw this over @ WiNBETA. Remember Operation Buccaneer from last December?

Well, if you remember some of the details, one of the major groups that was busted was DrinkorDie (DoD). One of the members that was 'busted', Chris Tresco, has now answered some questions posed to him by SlashDot readers.

Here's an excerpt from the article;

    Question: What was "The Bust" like? Was it like _WarGames_ where they showed up in black vans and confiscated your computers and rifled through your trash? Or was it more like _Matrix_ where they called you in and presented all sorts of evidence they collected online etc.?

    Answer: I would say that it was a cross between the two. I will lay out exactly what happened to me:

    I was sitting at my computer chatting with a fellow DOD member on IRC. All of a sudden I noticed my net connection died. When I went to walk out the door, a U.S. Customs agent met me. "Mr. Tresco, My name is XXXXX, I am with the U.S. Customs Department. Would you mind coming with me?" As I turned the corner, there were about 20 law enforcement officials combing the halls of my workplace. We proceeded to a conference room where I answered questions for the better part of the day while the agents proceeded to carry out their warrant. They were looking for specific systems that were on the warrant. They had IP addresses.

    Technically, they had the authority to take everything on the network that the computers identified on the warrant were on, however they followed the warrant pretty strictly, taking only the stuff on it. It was really the hardest day of my life. I had no idea what was going on most of the time. I felt like I was in a dream.

Makes for a very interesting read, head on over to SlashDot to view the full article.

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