Forza Motorsport 3 confirmed for 360; Perfect Dark rumoured

Late last week there was a Microsoft presentation held in Brazil, where someone managed to film the logo for Forza Motorsport 3 reports VG247. The game has yet to be announced officially by Microsoft, however it was hinted at as long ago as June last year. Gamespot spoke with sources who leaked details the game would be on two discs, sporting over 400 cars and 100 tracks.

Also included within the presentation was another image for Rare's classic N64 title, Perfect Dark. The game was spotted on the recent game list, just as it was when Rare announced the NXE dashboard theme for Banjo Tooie.

Perfect Dark has long been rumored to release on Xbox Live Arcade, especially after Microsoft were unable to release Goldeneye due to license conflicts and financial agreements. However it looks as though they've not run into those problems this time and Microsoft could announce something next month at E3.

Perfect Dark was released in 2000 by Rare for the N64. The story takes place in 2023 and follows Joanna Dark, a member of the Carrington Institute in which her training scores earn her the codename "Perfect Dark". The Carrington Institute team up with the Maians, an alien race who are at war with the Skedar. Joanna must stop the Skedar from obtaining a mega-weapon on the ocean floor and annihilating the Maians and destroying earth.

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