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Fox News turns studio into futuristic setup with massive Windows 8 touchscreens

Microsoft and Fox News are apparently expanding their collaboration. A few weeks ago, Microsoft's Bing Pulse online polling tool became a regular part of the cable TV news show Special Report With Bret Baier. Today, Fox News launched a new studio that has a lot of massive 55-inch touchscreens that are clearly running Microsoft's Windows 8.

The video, which was first posted on the Fox News website, shows one of the cable network's main anchors, Shepard Smith, walking through the studio, called the Fox News Deck. The clip shows Windows 8 being displayed on touchscreens that are set up so they are more like desks than PC displays. The people who man the News Deck are supposedly going to use these big Windows 8 touchscreens to sift through things such as Twitter and Facebook posts for breaking news and also to separate which social networking messages are real and which ones are offering incorrect information.

It's similar to a newsroom one might find in a sci-fi movie, and even Smith says in the clip that the team took weeks to learn how to operate the software and hardware behind it. It's likely that the touchscreens were provided by Microsoft subsidiary Perceptive Pixel. We have emailed Microsoft to find out exactly how much involvement the company has had in the creation of the Fox News Deck.

Source: Fox News

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