Free satellite TV service begins in the UK

A free-to-view satellite television and radio service from the BBC and ITV is being launched across the UK.

Freesat is available to 98% of homes with a satellite dish, including those who are currently unable to receive Freeview television. It broadcasts 80 digital TV and radio channels including the main ones, and will rise to 200 by the end of 2008. Users make a one-off payment for a dish, set-top box and installation, but will not pay a monthly subscription.

Emma Scott from Freesat told BBC Radio 5Live: "It's got 98% coverage across the UK and it's only homes that really don't have a clear line of sight to the satellite that can't get it, or certain listed buildings.

"But unlike Freeview you can receive Freesat across the country, which means that in those areas that at the moment can't get access to free digital television this is the first time that you can get free digital TV."

View: BBC News

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