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Galaxies to get updated Jedi quests, content

Revamped Jedi content from Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts are launching today.

GameSpot had the opportunity to take a firsthand look at the updated Jedi content that has been launched today in the massively multiplayer online game Star Wars Galaxies.

The new content includes an all-new way for players to become a Jedi, the rare and mystical warriors of the Star Wars universe. Previously, players became Jedi characters using "holocron" items that hint at specific professions to master. That is, in order to have a Jedi character, players previously had to master several of the game's many professions (including hand-to-hand combat fighters, crafters, and entertainers) in order to unlock a "force-sensitive" character slot, essentially starting an all-new Jedi-to-be character from scratch.

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News source: GameSpot

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