Garry's Mod to add Kinect support

Microsoft launched Kinect for Windows earlier this year, but so far the SDK has mostly been used by developers to add support for the motion gesture device on non-gaming applications.  Kinect was first developed as add-on for Xbox 360 games, but so far few PC games have added any kind of Kinect support.

Today, it was revealed that one of the most popular games on Valve's Steam service will soon be putting in Kinect support. It's Garry's Mod, the Source Engine-based sandbox game created a number of years ago by UK-based Garry Newman.

In a post on his blog, Newman said, "It has been super, super, super fun ..." putting in support for Kinect in Garry's Mod. He added, "The outputs from the Kinect are really simple. You set it up, query it, it updates, and then you get a bunch of vectors." You can check out an example of how Kinect support will work in the video above.

The Kinect additions will be added in a new update to Garry's Mod sometime in the next couple of weeks, according to Newman. Once that is in place, users will be able to connect a Kinect device to their PC and then manipulate the rag doll characters and other items in Garry's Mod with just their arm and body movements.

Source: Garry Newman's blog

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