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Starfield now has official mod support as Creation Kit tools launch on Steam

Starfield Creation Kit

Earlier today during the Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda gave a first look at the first expansion hitting Starfield, Shattered Space. It also teased that the June update is coming later in the day with goodies, and that has already landed, bringing official mod support, new type of missions, ammunition crafting, and bug fixes.

The highly-anticipated modding tools, dubbed the Creation Kit by Bethesda for its games, is now available for download via Steam. Much like the Skyrim and Fallout 4 versions of the toolset, PC players can use it to do everything from making small tweaks to the game to creating total conversion mods.

"The Creation Kit is a free downloadable editor that allows you to make Creations for Starfield and then share them with other players across Bethesda.net," explains the company on the tools' Steam page. "It's the same tool that we use to create the game and we're putting the power to create new content in your hands - new quests, environments, characters, dialogue, weapons, and more."

Like in its other recent RPGs, Bethesda is offering modders a chance to to be partners with it to offer mods via its Creations platform, for free or for a price. Sign ups can be found here.

At the same time, Bethesda is introducing a new type of missions that involve the Trackers Alliance, where players will be hired as bounty hunters. The first mission is available to everyone right now, but anything after that will require a purchase from the in-game Creations shop using premium currency much like a paid mod.

Moreover, players can now research and craft ammo for the first time straight from workbenches, while melee weapons can now be improved at crafting benches.

Here are all the bug fixes included in the June update:

    • General performance and stability improvements.
    • Gameplay Options: Addressed a sustenance issue that caused sneak attack damage to be too high.
    • Ship Decoration: Nova Galactic All-in-One 2x1 Habs will now declutter properly.
    • Ship Decoration: Items can no longer be placed on ladders.
    • Addressed an issue that could cause Guards to give up their chase too easily.
    • Fixed an issue that caused visited space locations to appear undiscovered.
    • Addressed an issue that could occur when modifying the player’s ship at The Key.
    • Addressed a rare issue that could cause some objects to behave as if they were in zero-g.
    • Fixed a crowd character issue that could appear when loading a save.
    • Removed the "Fast Travel to Ship" button from screens where it could not be utilized.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur when opening photo mode at the start of a conversation.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur when trying to exit the pilot seat while landing.
    • Addressed an issue with incrementing the "Ships Modified" stat when entering ship builder.
    • Quest Trackers should highlight the correct NAT station when traveling to the Lodge in New Atlantis.
    • Cora Coe should now accept books even if the Main Quest is skipped after entering the Unity.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause a bright light when loading a save into New Atlantis.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause some objects to become hidden when they should be visible.
    • Resolved an issue where the Power Management Robot could unintentionally reduce power.
    • Background Checks: Fixed an issue where the player could receive an unintentional trespassing message.
Starfield Creation Kit

The complete patch notes for Starfield update 1.12.30 can be found here. It is now available to download on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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