Gates previews Microsoft's upcoming technology

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) - Microsoft Corp. will unveil a new suite of business applications, new computer server software and new technology for "smart'' wristwatches in the coming year as part of its vision for the future of technology, co-founder and chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday.

Gates addressed about 700 technology professionals and hobbyists who were among those named "Most Valuable Professionals'' by Microsoft. Microsoft is hosting the group -- chosen for sharing technical expertise with others on Microsoft news groups or other forums -- for three days of technical workshops and discussions.

"There's a lot of invention still to be done,'' Gates said. And with advances in microprocessing power and increasing access to high-speed Internet connections, the potential is huge for "software magic'' to make devices come to life, he said. The new version of Microsoft's Office software, due out later this year, will help users more efficiently access, update and share key information.

Similarly, computer server software will include the technology needed to deliver "Web services'' in the future, in which computers will be able to automatically talk with one another, regardless of network, system, device, language or application.

News source: SiliconValley

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