Generous member is generous: Win a free copy of Portal

Did we ever tell you how awesome our members are? If you didn't already know, we do try to make this clear whenever we can with From the Forums features, or Member Reviews over on Neowin.

Today is yet again no exception of the awesomeness of our members, because Javik is offering a registered member a free copy of Portal:

I have a free gift pass for Portal unused since I purchased portal 2. As I have thus far been unable to find a user for it I have decided to give it away to a random Neowin member. No specific requirements, just make a comment in this thread and after 3 days (midnight GMT) I will pick a winning post number at random. The winner will need to have a Steam account as the give away will be done via Steam. This competition is open to all members, including those with low post counts, staff, and administrators

Enjoy! :)

Obviously you'll need to be registered to be considered, so register, or login and go check out the forum thread. Below is a bit of info on Portal.

Example of Portal game mechanics: Jump onto the blue portal, and you'll fly out of the orange portal.

Example of Portal game mechanics: Jump onto the blue portal, and you'll fly out of the orange portal.

Portal is a first person puzzle shooter that allows players to control a "portal gun," more appropriately named the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. The players are "lab rats" guided by a mysterious voice known as GLaDOS who seemingly offers helpful advice to the player, but ultimately exposes much sinister motives as the game progresses. Players create "portals" that are used to transport themselves or any objects from one point to another, as they work through the Aperture Science facilities to solve puzzles. The game's official trailer gives a nice quick overview of the game's mechanics:

A copy of Portal - Free, forum thread.

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