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Get the action-RPG Soulstice and the sim game Model Builder for free on the Epic Games Store

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The Epic Games Store is offering two more free PC games to download and keep for the next week. The two games couldn't be more different from each other, either. You have until October 5 at 11 am Eastern time to claim the free games.

The first free game is Soulstice, a fantasy-themed action-RPG title, from developer Replay Game Studios and publisher Modus Games. The storyline features a land that's being invaded by "Wraiths", evil creatures that can possess the bodies of humans. It's up to two warrior sisters, Briar and Lute, to fight and defeat this evil threat.

Here's the breakdown of the features of Soulstice:

  • Fight in Synergy: Manage sisters Briar and Lute simultaneously. Master melee attacks and combos as Briar and take control of the battlefield with otherworldly abilities as Lute. Combine their strengths to unlock powerful, transformational abilities and tap into their true potential as Chimera.
  • Explore a City in Ruin: A Tear in the Sky has opened above the once-holy city of Ilden. As Briar and Lute fight to reach the Tear, they’ll face challenging puzzles and unveil secrets of the Order while their surroundings become more hostile and twisted.
  • Customize Weapons and Abilities: Weapons are unlocked and upgraded throughout the game and can even be switched on the fly to unleash stylish and highly devastating combo attacks.
  • Battle Different Enemy Classes: A vile mix of Wraiths, Corrupted and Possessed, have poured into the world from beyond the Veil. Utilize Lute’s unique auras to expose or weaken these creatures and adapt to a flow of battle that never feels the same.
  • Learn the Truth of Your Origin: Through a dark story filled with sisterly love and sacrifice, Briar and Lute discover the truth about themselves and their Chimera powers while working together and staying true to their unbreakable bond.

If fighting to save the world isn't your thing, maybe a very casual sim game is what you need. The second free Epic Games Store game this week is Model Builder, from developer Moonlit SA and publisher Green Man Gaming. The sim will let you assemble models in your virtual hobby room. Here's a look at its features:

  • Cut out, assemble, paint, and then customize your models! Build planes, tanks, ships, figures, and so much more. Sell your creations for-profit to expand your toolkit. Create stunning and epic scale models for the world to see.
  • Go on a fascinating journey in the footsteps of grandfather Stan and his achievements, unlocking secrets of the past, take on commission and competitions as you become the master modelling craftsman.
  • There's plenty to choose from in terms of what you can assemble… and once you are done, there's a ton more to unlock. Expect dozens of hours of fun and much more in post-release updates.
  • Choose the model that you want to create, feel the satisfaction of snipping out the model parts, step by step build your model, and apply finishing touches, so it is ready for painting.
  • You have a wide variety of tools at your disposal - everything you need to assemble your impressive models and make them shine.- Unlock new tools to help with precision work and finishes. You will feel like a pro in no time.

Again, you can get both of these games for free from the Epic Games Store for the next week.

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