Ghost Recon RSE Q&A

Cheers Ratzo for this.. RSE granted a IRC interview with several people tonight, Icegameware's JB was one of the few who got to ask questions about their upcoming blockbuster game release "Ghost Recon". We've posted the entire Q&A

Here is a quote;

Q: How does GRs AI match up to previous AIs from Rainbow 6 and Rogue Spear?

A: Like night and day. They actually miss sometimes. And they duck for cover if you shoot at them and miss... Its really cool to see... And they taunt you too. Weasels. The AI enemies in GR are much more responsive and aggressive, making for more of a cat-and-mouse feel to much of the engagements. It is better about using tactics and terrain for cover. The AI will show a surprising degree of tactical intelligence. In addition, they can flank uoi and work together very well. And theyy shoot good, too.

View: Ghost Recon RSE Q&A

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