Tag your email to Passport.NET / MSN7 launch

Weeee! Passport.com has been updated to Passport.NET and I don't mean the url ;)

.NET features are all go now with Passport, meaning users that have a pop email account can tie that to .NET features and Passport itself, automatically logging you into sites that use it (and believe me, they will) and sending alerts and the like to your pop email account that is tied to your passport account. You can also sign up for a new web-based email account *@passport.com or *@hotmail.com

    Heres what the site says about it:

  • Use ONE sign-in name and password at all .NET Passport sites.

  • Store information in .NET Passport wallet that will help you make faster, safer online purchases at any .NET Passport express purchase site.

  • And it's free!
Just look for the :cross: and it will sign you in with the account you use. For those that didn't know you can also use your pop email account with MSN Messenger, which uses the same passport service.

News source: Passport .NET site

Update: If you didn't already notice, MSN.com has also updated *most* of its worldwide sites to what it is calling MSN7, nah.. its not some fancy software, its the new layout that we posted last week (as beta.msn.com). It's been updated with a sleek blue instead of sicky purple which it had throughout the "beta"

View: Check it out @ MSN.com

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