Gigabyte's new 32TB AORUS XTREME AIC SSD can do up to 28GB/s

Gigabyte is mainly known for its motherboards and graphics cards. But the company also develops and sells a slew of products including storage solutions. Today, the firm has launched its new 32TB AORUS XTREME Gen4 AIC (Add In Card) SSD. The new product has four times the storage space compared to the previous generation's 8TB version.


Outside of the obvious difference in capacities, another big change to the new model is the addition of new dual axial fans which replace the blower-style design in the previous 8TB model. Under its fans, the heatsink present is made of aluminum which has decent conductivity. There's also an M.2 baseplate for additional cooling.

Coming to the hardware, Gigabyte has been able to quadruple the capacity thanks to the Phison PS5018-E18 Gen4x4 SSD controller. The PS5018-E18 drives eight of Gigabyte's recently launched AORUS Gen4 7000s 4TB SSDs leading to a total of 32TB. And in RAID 0 mode of operation, the access speed of the SSD is quadrupled, reaching as high as 28GB/s for sequential reads and around 26.5GB/s for writes. You can read more about it here.

The AORUS XTREME 32TB AIC SSD isn't the only intriguing SSD product that has launched recently as Sabrent introduced the first ever 16TB external SSD.

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