Gold members dominate Xbox LIVE

Microsoft today announced that over 10 million of their Xbox LIVE subscribers are signed up to the Gold service. Microsoft currently has an Xbox LIVE user base of around 25 million subscribers, and with nearly half of them now paying for the service, Microsoft appears to have hit a gold mine.

According to IGN, Microsoft’s Dennis Durkin, head of Interactive Entertainment Business, spoke at the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference in Phoenix Arizona earlier today.

At the conference he made mention that almost half of their 25 million members are now paying Microsoft $60 a year to be a part of the Xbox LIVE Gold service. If that many users are paying for the service, Microsoft’s yearly revenue will be around $750 Million, not including all purchases that players make using DLC and games on their Xbox’s.

Microsoft recently increased their yearly pricing for Xbox LIVE gold around the world, stating that these services showed that users are getting a lot of content for their money. The company also introduced a lower priced family subscription, that allows up to four other members to have access to a gold account.

Xbox LIVE Gold allows members to not only play games online, but also gives them access to a host of services via Facebook, Twitter and ESPN in the U.S, to Last.FM and more in Europe.

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