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Google acquires reMail, just to kill it

Google announced earlier today that it will acquire reMail, an iPhone based application that allows consumers to download emails to their phone, allowing them to check it without an internet connection. Google acquired the company for an undisclosed sum, merging the reMail team with Google.

Google did not only acquire the company, they also pulled the application off of the App Store, discontinuing the application for good. reMail will supply support for their application until the end of March, for all users that purchased it, even unlocking all the paid features for all consumers. Just click “Restore Purchases” inside the app to unlock all the features.

So why exactly did Google acquire reMail to kill it? Gabor Cselle, founder of reMail, used to be an engineer intern at Gmail back in 2004, where his obsession turned into creativity. Cselle later launched reMail for the iPhone, competing with the iPhone’s own native mail application.  reMail included email body search, something the native iPhone app was missing.

Cselle will be joining the Google team once again, where they likely have big plans for him.  Sadly, iPhone users won’t get a chance to enjoy the reMail application, but we can rest assured we'll likely see similar applications appearing on the App Store shortly, as developers will likely want to fill the void.

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