Google and Opera reportedly behind Microsoft's browser ballot fine

The EU has released its ruling on Microsoft’s (accidental) absent ‘browser ballot’ and it will dip deep into Microsoft’s purse and grab a boatload of cash to the tune 732 million dollars. In fact, since 2004, Microsoft has been fined over 3 billion dollars by the EU, after this latest judgment.

An interesting post over at Financial Times is stating that Google and Opera may actually have been behind the fine, or at least, tipping off the EU about the absent browser ballot screen. Insider sources, are stating that Google and Opera informally pinged the EU to let them know that Microsoft was in violation of the browser ballot agreement.

While Google declined to comment on the story, Opera did say that they were happy to see that the EU is holding firm to their agreements and enforcing the ruling.

It would not be a surprise to see Google behind the tip to the EU, considering Microsoft has been going after nearly all of Google’s Android vendors with IP claims against the software. If Google did spot the issue, it was an easy and indirect way for them to get back at Microsoft by using the EU as a medium.

While we will likely never know if the tip was true, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see Google and Opera raise the flag as both companies have a lot to gain from the browser ballot screen. 

Source: Financial Times

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