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Google announces new features for Search and Lens

At its Google I/O keynote, the search giant announced new features for its search experience, as well as Lens and Google Go. In search, Google will offer 3D models of objects or creatures you search for, and even see them in real-life scale in front of you thanks to augmented reality. For example, you can see a great white shark in 3D, or examine what muscle flexion looks like.

Google Lens is also getting more capabilities for specific scenarios. You'll soon be able to point your camera at a restaurant menu and have Lens highlight the more popular items right on top of it. You can also learn more about each dish and read comments from within Lens. Lens can also help you calculate the tip on your tab by pointing at the receipt, and it can split the bill for you.

Google is also working with magazines, such as culinary publications, so that users can point their camera at a recipe and see it being prepared in real-time, with a video overlaid on top of the magazine.

Additionally, the Google Go app, which ships with low-end phones running Android Go, will now let users open the camera from the Google search bar and take a picture of any text in front of them. The phone can then read it aloud to them or translate it, and then read back the translated text as well. Google managed to do all of this with an app package that's just over 100KB in size.

All of these features will start to be available later this month.

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