Google Autofill on Android finally supports biometric authentication

Google is rolling out biometric authentication for autofill of login credentials in Android. While Android has had Google's autofill feature for a couple of years now, the implementation was insecure since Google never asked for biometric verification or a password before filling in the details. This meant that one could easily use the autofill feature to log into apps and services on an unlocked device.

With a recent Play Services update and a server-side switch, Google has rolled out biometric authentication for autofill on Android 10 and newer devices. The feature is hidden under Settings -> Google -> Auto-fill -> Auto-fill with Google -> Auto-fill security. Here, you will find the option to toggle biometric authentication for login credentials, though it was enabled by default on my Galaxy S20+.

Below is a quick video from Android Police showing the feature in action:

If the feature has been rolled out to your device, you can open any app that requires your login credentials and you will be prompted to verify your identity using biometric authentication. Depending on which device you use, this can be done using fingerprint, retina, or face authentication. The entire process happens pretty seamlessly and makes the entire auto-fill process secure.

It is possible that the feature might not show up on your Android device despite the latest version of Google Play Services since this is a server-side switch from Google.

Source: Android Police

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