Google introduces audio ads in YouTube, targeted at music streamers

Google is today introducing a new format of ads for YouTube – audio ads. The firm is touting this format of ads as a way to reach users that leverage YouTube for listening to music, or what the firm calls “ambient listening”. The format targets users that may not be watching music videos or concerts – but listening to them in the background, leading to visual ads not being as effective.

The company says that such ads will have a static image or a still frame of a video, with the “audio soundtrack plays the starring role in delivering your message”. The firm added new audio ads features to the Ad Manager platform a few months ago that lets advertisers better tailor and analyze the consumption of such content. The Mountain View giant says that it noticed that 75% of audio ads “drove a significant lift in brand awareness” as part of its alpha testing. It adds that testers like Shutterfly saw a 14% lift in ad recall when used for influencing purchase considerations via audio ads.

It also touts the popularity of YouTube as a source for music streaming. The video streaming platform saw more than 50% of logged-in users stream at least ten minutes of songs every day. For this reason, the company is also introducing dynamic music lineups for video campaigns, providing a way for marketers to target specific music genres, channels, or even events for their ad campaigns to improve the effectiveness of the marketers' messaging.

Audio ads will be available in beta through Google Ads and Display & Video 360 for marketers. You can head to the support article here for more information.

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