Google logs half of all US searches

Overall, Americans are searching more than they did a year ago: queries have increased by 11% since 2006.

Google, the only search engine among the top five to gain market share, logged more than half of all search queries last month. Research firm comScore recorded 7.6 billion search queries in May, 3.9 billion of which were made from Google, giving the search engine a 50.7% market share. The figure is a 1% increase from April, when Google claimed a 49.7% market share, and an increase of more than 3% since the start of 2007.

Yahoo saw its market share drop from 26.8% to 26.4%. The firm has seen its share of the search market fall by more than two per cent since the beginning of the year. Time Warner's search services, which include former net giant AOL, dropped from 5% to 4.6% in May. All other search engines combined accounted for 3% of all queries. Of the top five search engines only Microsoft's saw its share of the market remain constant, logging 782 million queries last month and giving the company 10.3% of the US market.

News source: vnunet

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