Google might consider holding a poll to name the next version of Android operating system

With Google's latest version of Android now on 0.5% of active devices according to latest reports, some people have already started speculating the name of the next version of the operating system. It is well known that the company's OS releases are named alphabetically after the names of sweets, for example: 'J' for Jellybean, 'K' for KitKat, 'L' for Lollipop and so on. With Android 'M' being named as Marshmallow, one person inquired about the name for the next version of the OS, currently undecided.

During a Question and Answer Session at Delhi University, a person asked Google's CEO Sundar Pichai the following question:

Hi Sundar, why do we still not have Indian desserts as Android OS names, like 'N' for Naan-Khatai, 'N' for Neyyapam, or maybe 'P' for Pera?

Most of these sweets and desserts are also popular in neighboring countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Amidst roars of laughter and applause, Pichai replied that he maybe he would consider asking his mother for suggestions as well. He continued on a slightly more serious note and hinted that when the company is working on the next major release of Android operating system, he would consider holding an online poll to see how the suggestion fares when left to public opinion.

You can watch the whole Q&A session below or skip to the 47:11 mark to view the particular question.

What do you think would be a suitable name for 'Android N'? Let us now in the comments section below.

Source: YouTube via Engadget

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