Google possibly testing some improvements to the Play Store

While it's true that the Google Play Store has a lot of apps, it's still not perfect. Over the past couple of years, the company has been consistently updating its app store, adding new features and enhancing existing ones. It lowered the minimum app pricing in 17 countries back in 2015, made some big UI changes, and also introduced a technique which could make the size of app updates smaller by up to 90%.

Now, it appears that Google is testing some new improvements in the Play Store, which aren't widespread as of yet.

Android Authority reports that the Google Play Store is listing both the sale and original prices of discounted apps. Additionally, it is displaying how long a particular sale will last as well. It's also interesting to note that these "features" were already available in the movies, books, and music sections on the Play Store. However, for some reason, they didn't make it over to the apps and games category.

That said, it is worth noting that the alterations don't appear to be quite widespread yet. Only a few discounted apps and games - most of them being DC-themed - are currently showcasing the changes. The changes also appear to carry over to the web listings on Chrome, as can be seen from the photo above.

Furthermore, it also seems that Google is lifting the ban which forbade developers to temporarily offer their apps for free, before returning them to their original prices. However, like the aforementioned change, this appears to be limited to only a few apps too.

In contrast, it is interesting to see that the Windows Store has boasted these features for quite some time. Play Store customers will likely welcome the changes as a means to improve the overall user experience as well.

Source: Android Authority

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