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Google re-enables backgrounds with a slight tweak

It appears that Google has re-enabled backgrounds on Google.com.  When initially released, Google was lambasted for the poor implementation and copying of Bing.com.  Caving to public pressure, Google pulled the backgrounds and now it seems that they have returned but have been slightly tweaked.

Previously background images were set as default even if you were not logged in to your account.  The new implementation will show you the classic Google.com if you are not logged in and if you do log in, you will see the backgrounds.  This time around Google has replaced the link in the bottom left corner to say “Remove Background Image” where previously it said “Change Background Image”.

The change is to make it easier for users who enjoy the classic Google with its changing logo to remove the images.  But by doing so, changing your image isn’t as intuitive as you might expect from Google. To change your background you must now remove the image then re-enable background to change the background. 

Will consumers like this slightly tweaked version of Google backgrounds or will the flaming continue?  As Google has just recently flipped the switch (sometime approximately between 4-5 am EST) the Internet will again judge Google’s latest implementation of backgrounds.  

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