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Google snatches Microsoft's lobbying crown

Last year Google spent more money than Microsoft on government lobbying, almost doubling the amount money they spent the year before. According to CNet, Google spent $9.68 million on lobbying last year, compared to Microsoft's $7.34 million.

After doing some digging in the United States Senate Office of Public Records, CNet's Jay Greene found that Google's lobbying efforts included a wide range of interests, ranging from battling SOPA to encouraging favorable renewable energy policies. That's a long way to go in just six and a half years, which is when Google's lobbying efforts began.

Consumer Watchdog's John Simpson took the findings as a chance to bash Google. "They've decided to play the corrupt corporate cash and carry Washington (game) like many firms such as Microsoft have long done."

Echoing the eloquent words of the late Steve Jobs, Simpson seems to think that Google's 'Don't Be Evil' motto is indeed bull$hit. "What sets them apart," he said, "Is they still hold themselves out to be different from the rest."

Regardless of how you feel about the lobbying system, Google could be giving their money to worse causes than those cited. Sure, they benefit Google, but at least they benefit the rest of us, too.

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