Google Store may soon go live in six more countries [Update]

Google Store launched more than two years ago as the new home for all of the company's hardware. With that move, Google removed all hardware offerings from the Play Store, making it a place for only software and digital content.

Today, Google Store seems to be expanding to even more countries around the world, as can be seen from the screenshot of its country picker. The move, if confirmed, will coincide with Google's hardware products event, which is also happening today.

The new countries spotted in the list are Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to access those countries' web pages, which means we cannot yet confirm whether all of Google's hardware products will be made available for those countries.

This comes as great news for Google customers in those countries. The Google Store is the official place to purchase Chromebooks, Chromecast, Android TV, Android Wear and phones.

Update: The web sites are now live, but only Chromecast is available for Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand, while only Chromecast and Chromecast Audio are available for Mexico, Brazil, and Malaysia. Also, Google is not directly selling those products, but rather redirecting customers to local retailers. Finally, Google did not share any information about the Google Store expansion for these countries, nor about what may become available for them in the future, during today's hardware products event.

Source: Android Police

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