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Google to be sued for $3 Billion

Google have had their fair share of lawsuits lately. One of the big ones came from Belgian Newspapers when they sued Google in 2007 for linking to news stories without their permission and the newspapers won their case, but it seems they are being sued again.

The company in question is a team of Russian developers who work for "Era Vodoleya" who created and copyrighted technology that Google is now using in their contextual adverts. They created this technology back in 1998 and Google then used it a couple of years later and started earning big money off it.

The amount of money Era Vodoleya are looking for is 15% of Google's profit which is around $3 billion, this coincides with the company trying to launch their own search engine that aims to rival Google on the Internet.

At the time of writing, Google have said that they do not know of any claims by the company to sue them or take action against them.

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