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Google to unveil new social tool tomorrow

Google is set to unveil a brand new social networking application, that is all set to integrate with at least two Google products.  The new social network will go head-to-head to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, bringing in a whole new competitor to the market.

According to details posted on The Wall Street Journal, "a new feature that makes it easier and faster for users of Gmail to view media and status updates.”  However, experts believe that the integration will go far beyond just Gmail. 

Google sent out invites mentioning "We'll be unveiling some new product innovations and we'd like to invite you to join us.”  With Google’s backing of owning YouTube, the largest search engine" Google.com, and various other products, all the tools for a successful product are in place.

Dave Winer, creator of RSS, compiled a list of must-have features for any company to compete and rival Twitter.  Winer’s first point would be reliability, something Twitter has struggled with time and time again, having troubles maintaining its servers. 

Winer also talks about enclosures, open architecture metadata, relationships with hardware vendors and removing the 140-character limit, a strict limitation that Twitter imposes, which can annoy users at times.  Winer also mentions that URL-shorteners are ‘hurting the web’, but Google has already entered the URL-shortening game, something that it will definitely use.

Google is set to announce their new product creation at 10am PST.

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