Hackers Promise Month of MySpace Bugs

Two hackers, known as Mondo Armando and Müstaschio, don't want to disclose their real names but promise to begin disclosing security vulnerabilities in MySpace, every day in April. "The purpose of the exercise is not so much to expose MySpace as a hive of spam and villainy (since everyone knows that already), but to highlight the monoculture-style danger of extremely popular websites. We could have just as easily gone after Google or Yahoo or MSN or IDG or whatever. MySpace is just more fun, and is becoming notoriously [obnoxious] about responding to security issues," wrote Mondo Armando.

The MySpace hackers launched their project late Thursday expressing simultaneous enthusiasm and disdain for the task ahead. They intend to primarily publish cross site scripting bugs, which can allow an attacker to execute malicious script within a victim's browser, but they may also publish bugs that affect browsers or technologies like Flash or QuickTime. Although there are sceptics on what will happen on April Fool's day, based on the duo's blog it appears they are serious about the task at hand. Who wants to take bets on the number they'll find in the first month?

View: Mondo Armando and Müstaschio's Blog
News source: PC World

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