Hands on: LG Non-Glasses 3D mobile DTV

At the LG press conference today LG took the wraps off of its 3D mobile TV that is glasses free. Neowin got a first hand look at this device and was impressed with the idea and potential but was left wanting a more fluid experience. 

In theory the idea is good, a mobile device that offers 3D content on the go. But when seeing the device first hand, the nostalgia of the idea is quickly lost. The viewing angle was not ideal and the 3D effect quickly faded the more off center you became. Also there was a fair bit of pixelation when viewing content on the device. This could have been because of the massive number of WiFi devices in the room interfering with the signal.

The basis of the device is auto-stereoscopic 3D mobile TV which was running on a prototype device using a parallax barrier panel developed by LG Display in its R&D sector. While the device was far from perfect, it did offer up a reasonable viewing experience. As this is a prototype device, it still has a ways to go before it hits mass market and could have all of its kinks worked out by that time. The technology is promising and the implementation is impressive, hopefully LG will fine tune this technology and roll it out across the board soon.

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