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High school shooting avoided thanks to MySpace

Five students have been arrested after planning to perform a shooting at their high school in Riverton, Kansas. The plot was foiled after one of the teens posted a message on the popular networking website, MySpace.

School officials were informed who then followed up the tip-off with the pupil in question and his friends. One of the students involved in the plot then revealed the plans to a North Carolina woman who immediately informed police.

Police acted quickly and four were arrested in their houses, whilst another was taken out of school. Officials found an arsenal of guns, knives and ammunition hidden in one of the students rooms as well as coded messages.

Police have not revealed the names of the would-be-gunmen, but the five range between 16 and 18 years of age.

The MySpace message discussed Adolf Hitler's birthdate and the Columbine shooting - both of which fall on April 20.

Unfortunately the love of gaming shared by the plotters has been highlighted by some publications, refreshing the distorted 'games equals violence' view shared by so many across the world.

Thankfully the plot was stopped in time, but had the unmentionable occurred much of the world's media would have probably used the event as propoganda as to why video games are inherently evil.

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