Hong Kong offering Xbox One burger for a limited time

Image: Kotaku

There are many things in this world that carry an Xbox branding. Headphones, cell phone cases, even a Major League Soccer franchise. So with Microsoft working to create as much exposure as possible for its up and coming games & entertainment platform, it's almost no surprise that an Xbox burger now exists.

Microsoft has teamed up with the burger chain Triple-O's at one of its Hong Kong locations to blast the Xbox brand to visiting customers. One of the ways the company is getting the Xbox name out there is through a limited-time hamburger selection on the menu. From what has been reported, the Triple-O Original Burger and the Chicken Supreme Burger are two menu items getting the Xbox treatment.

Image: Kotaku

In addition to there being two menu items with Xbox One branding all over it, the Triple-O's establishment in Hong Kong has also been wrapped in Xbox One promo material. Whether you're walking by or stopping inside, there's no question who's dropping some extra cash to make sure you know Xbox is in China and its color of choice is green.

The odd marketing partnership between Microsoft and Triple-O's could be the product of Aaron Greenberg, who took over as the Xbox global marketing leader last year. The promotion is said to last until the end of March, so if you happen to pass through Hong Kong before then you'll have a chance to stop by and see the green yourself.

Source: Kotaku

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