"How to hack" Windows 8 app article posted by Nokia employee

No game developer wants to hear that their new Windows 8 game in the Windows Store can be hacked into quickly so the user can get the game for free or get in-game purchases for no money. Yet, that's exactly what a Nokia employee, Justin Angel, claims to have come up with in a new article on his personal website.

The article, "Hacking Windows 8 Games", goes into detail on how users can get free in-game "gold" from the action-RPG game SoulCraft, along with ways to turn the free trial version of a game into the full version with no payment. Angel also shows how to remove the in-app banner adds that show up inside many Windows 8 "Metro" apps. Indeed, Angel says that his methods can be used with regular Windows 8 apps in addition to games.

Angel adds at the end of his article:

We’ve seen a myriad of issues and offered potential fixes to them all. Any mildly competent developer can productize these security attack vectors into shipping products. If Microsoft doesn’t take it upon itself to fix these security attack vectors it’s not because it couldn’t, it’s because it chooses not to.

While the site was live while we were in the process of writing this news post, Justin Angel's entire website has since been taken down. We have emailed Microsoft and Nokia to see if they wish to respond to Angel's article. A Nokia rep has already emailed us back saying they "are looking into it."

Source: Justin Angel | Image via Justin Angel

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