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HP has a new Windows Mixed Reality headset, and adds VR to Device as a Service

HP made a number of VR- and workstation-related announcements at Solidworks World today, including a refreshed Z4 Workstation that includes Intel's X-series processors. On the VR side though, the company is introducing the Windows Mixed Reality Headset Pro.

It's not exactly a refresh though, as it's largely the same as the one that went on sale back in October. It still has dual 1440x1440 displays and supports up to 90Hz, with a front-hinged display and an adjustment knob on the back.

The main thing that's different about the Pro model is that it has replaceable face cushions inside of it. This makes the device easier to clean, so if you have a lot of people using the same head-mounted display (HMD), this is a more sanitary option.

The company also announced Device as a Service for VR. This is a complete end-to-end solution for commercial virtual reality, from software to hardware. In fact, HP says that it can even include third-party HMDs. PCs included can include workstation desktops like the Z240, Z4, Z6, and Z8, business desktops like the EliteDesk 800 Tower, mobile workstations like the ZBook 17 G4, HP's Z VR Backpack, and more.

The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Pro will be coming in March for $449.

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