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HTC confirms Bluetooth 5.0 will be activated on U11 flagship with Android O update

HTC introduced its U11 flagship three months ago, priced at $649. Last week, it announced that it would bring support for recording video at 60 frames per second to the U11 "over the next couple of months", although some handsets have already started to receive it.

HTC says that the U11 will be getting even better in the not-too-distant future, as more functionality will be unlocked. "When Android O, the next version of the Android OS becomes available," the company said, "HTC U11 owners all over the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0." It added:

Put another way, since day one, your device’s hardware has been ready to support Bluetooth 5.0 connections—with no additional firmware updates needed from HTC.

We’re announcing this following our full Bluetooth 5.0 certification to ensure our customers are future-proofed for the next generation of Bluetooth-connected products.

Google is expected to release Android O this month, and it's likely to roll out first to the company's supported Pixel and Nexus devices. HTC hasn't yet announced exactly when it plans to make the update available for the U11, or for any of its other devices.

Source: HTC via SlashGear

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