Huawei again caught passing DSLR photos as being shot from its own smartphones

Back in 2018, Huawei was caught passing off some photos taken from its mid-range Nova 3 when they were actually shot using a DSLR. The company had been caught using similar unethical tactics before as well with its P30 series. Fast forward to a couple of years later and Huawei has again been caught doing the same thing.

Huawei recently ran a photography contest on China's Weibo platform and shared some of the photos submitted to it with the "taken with Huawei smartphones" tagline in a video. However, it was soon discovered that some of the photos select from the competition were taken with DLSRs. The issue was first discovered by Jamie-hua after he thought the photos shared in the video from Huawei looked familiar and eventually he found one of the photos on 500x which was taken from a $3,000 Nikon D850 DSLR and not a Huawei smartphone.

The image in question/ Credit: Su Tie

After being called out, Huawei issued an apology saying it was an "oversight" by the editor who "wrongly marked" the photos. The company has since then already updated the original video to remove mention of the photos being taken from a Huawei smartphone. The company claimed that the competition rules did not prohibit users from posting photos taken from other non-Huawei devices.

Huawei smartphones are known to have impressive cameras, so it's unclear why this phenomenon of passing DSLR photos as ones being shot from its phones keep occurring.

Source: SCMP

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