Huawei unveils the Watch GT 2 Pro with wireless charging and weeks of battery life

Today, Huawei is introducing its latest smartwatch from its GT lineup, the Watch GT 2 Pro. Just like all of the Watch GT smartwatches, it promises weeks of battery life while not forcing the user to make many compromises.

But that's not all. One big improvement with the Watch GT Pro 2 is that this one has wireless charging, something that Apple and Samsung have been using for some time. Huawei has always used pin charging though, something that can be a pain point if the pins get dirty over time. It charges through a new ceramic back, which adds to the pro-ness of the all-around improved and sleeker design.

Huawei says that the Watch GT 2 Pro has over 100 workout modes, including things like measuring your golf swing speed at the driving range and skiing metrics. You can also easily get a route back to where you started when you're hiking, without requiring you to have any smartphone with you.

Huawei says that with typical usage, the Watch GT 2 Pro will get you two weeks of battery life, although that can vary depending on how you use it. That number can go down if you're doing a lot of tracking activities, or if you're using the watch for music playback.

The Watch GT 2 Pro is available this month in Sport and Classic variants, for €329 and €349, respectively. The previously announced Watch Fit is also available this month, for €129.

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