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IBM to dump Netscape 7 port for Microsoft IE

Right hand doesn't know what left hand's doing.

In another case of the all too common "right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing" syndrome, so widespread in large corporations like IBM, a Big Blue employee, who I'll call ibmer#1, recently contacted me voicing his disappointment after reading an internal IBM document.

You can view a screenshot of this notice by clicking here.

This, at the internal "Global Campus" education web site, tells all visitors, most of which are Big Blue employees, that "IBM's long-standing license for use and distribution rights for Netscape comes to an end June 30, 2003".

That paragraph implies there was there was money involved in this licence. However, Netscape is currently offering a redistribution license for free at its Browser Distribution Program web page.

"This means that we will not test Global Campus using Netscape or support Help Desk callers using Netscape after July 1, 2003," -the document continues. "We will not intentionally be developing code that only works in Internet Explorer, so Netscape may continue to work fine" is apparently an attempt to calm down Netscape users.

News source: theinquirer.net

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