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Instagram improves post previews when sharing outside of the platform

Instagram posts on Twitter have better preview images

Instagram has announced a few changes that mean better previews will appear when you share public posts to Twitter or when you embed content. The social media platform said it has made the changes based on user feedback and to enable content creators to reach out to a wider audience that they may not have reached in the past.

With the changes, if your account is set to public, your Twitter followers will be able to see a more immersive preview of the Instagram content that you’re sharing. As the image preview is shown directly in the Twitter feed, it will make people more likely to click through to the post and view your content directly on Instagram.

To see previews of Instagram posts on Twitter, the Instagram account needs to be public, whether you run it or someone else. If you write a Tweet out manually and copy the link, the post will be shown as a card on Twitter. If you share the post directly from Instagram, the caption from the post will be available to Tweet too.

You can embed Instagram profiles on websites

Finally, Instagram is allowing people to embed their profiles on websites so they can make themselves more well-known. To give potential followers a taste of the content they can expect by following, the embed displays six recent images. Instagram said this feature is coming to the United States first but could expand to more countries afterward.

It’s possible to share anybody’s profile by going to the profile and pressing the gear icon if the profile is yours or the three dots if it’s someone else’s. Then click embed and copy the embed code, then paste it into your website to display the profile. You can stop people embedding your profile by going to your account settings then going to Embeds > Allow people to embed your posts or profile on other websites and disabling the feature.

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