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InstantAction launches browser-based gaming platform

InstantAction has launched its new distribution platform that allows games to be embedded directly into web pages, similar to flash video. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is the first game made available using this technology. InstantAction’s use of a browser-side thin-client and progressive streaming technologies removes the need for long initial download times.

With the ability to have a game playable anywhere on the web, this could prove to be a way for publishers to get their games out to more people. With such a low barrier to entry, games using a service like this can ‘go viral,’ much like videos do today.

The InstantAction platform is flexible and can allow for subscription, micro-transaction, and pay-as-you-go payment models. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition allows anyone to play for 20 minutes with an option to buy the game for $9.99.

InstantAction CEO, Louis Castle said, "Gamers not only get the try-before-you buy and rent-to-own benefits; they can easily embed full games into their social networks, accessing their friends' lists and adding social features to games where they may not have existed. InstantAction not only changes how games are distributed and discovered, but how they are enjoyed."

InstantAction is not alone with this type of approach to instantly available gaming, but it is among the first to be released to the public. They will soon see some competition with Gaikai rumored to have a big announcement at E3, and OnLive coming on June 17th.

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