Intel brings 2.80GHz Xeon into Q3 too

The latest week 26 roadmaps show that because it's improved its process and scaleability on 130 nanometer technology, Intel will release a 2.80GHz Xeon during this quarter, rather than towards the end of the year, as previously indicated by Chipzilla.

But many other elements in its server strategy remain unchanged from our last update, indicating that Intel is more confident about its "Gallatin" large cache Xeons than it was previously.

Intel maintains that the large cache Gallatins will offer a seamless move from its existing Xeon MPs which it introduced in March.

Gallatin chips are still slated to land in servers in Q1 of next year, at speeds of 2GHz, 1.9GHz and 1.5GHz and with large level three caches of 2MB, 1MB and 1MB respectively.

The 2.80GHz Xeon that Intel will launch early is based on the Serverworks GC-HE and E7500 chipsets – we won't see Xeons at those speeds for the E7501 chipsets until Q4, however.

News source: The Inquirer

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