Intel demonstrates technology in Pentium 4 successor

Just two weeks ago Intel officially introduced the successor to the Pentium 4 under the codename Prescott. To be released in the second half of 2003, Prescott will be Intel's first 0.09-micron (90nm) CPU that will feature the following:

  • Hyper-Threading technology
  • Micro-architectural enhancements
  • Additional L2 cache
  • 800MHz FSB (200MHz Quad-Pumped)
  • 0.09-micron manufacturing process
  • Close to 100,000,000 transistors
Intel has repeatedly shown graphs of where they expect CPU transistor counts to be over the next decade. Prescott's 2003 release places its transistor count at very close to 100 million transistors, meaning that it's going to be one very complicated and cache-filled desktop chip.

News source: Anandtech

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