Intel looks past Microsoft's Pluton, the TPM-like Windows 11 security chip inside Ryzen 6000

At CES 2022, AMD unveiled its Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt mobile APUs. One of the key features of Rembrandt is the addition of Microsoft's new Pluton security processor making Ryzen 6000 the first do so in the market.

Microsoft Pluton inside AMD Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt

Pluton was first introduced by Microsoft back in 2020 with AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm as its partners. Hence, naturally after the AMD announcement of Pluton integration, one would expect Intel too to make a similar announcement sooner or later.

However, that does not seem to be the case as Intel via a spokesperson apparently informed The Register that Microsoft's Pluton won't be supported by Intel, at least in the 12th Gen Alder Lake family. "Intel's 12th Gen platforms do not support Pluton", the Intel spokesperson told The Register.

Pluton is said to offer protection even better than a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as it is present inside the CPU and can protect from attacks against bus interfaces. Intel however is confident in its own TPM called Platform Trust Technology (PTT). Though, the company could support Pluton on its next 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs. And for now, Intel is also enhancing its Threat Detection Technology (TDT) on 12th Gen vPro CPUs by working with ESET.

Oddly, Lenovo earlier confirmed it won't be enabling Pluton on its 2022 ThinkPad models, even on Ryzen 6000, despite these supporting the feature. Thankfully, customers will have the ability to enable it though.

Source: The Register

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