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ESET, Intel partner to "turn the tide against ransomware" with ESET ransomware optimizations

ESET Intel Partnership

ESET has announced that it has joined hands with Intel to strengthen endpoint security with hardware-based ransomware detection. Through this collaboration, the company seeks to incorporate Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT) into its multi-layered cybersecurity technology suite.

Talking about Intel's partnership with ESET, Senior Director Ecosystem Partner Enablement, Intel Corp., Carla Rodriguez stated:

Ransomware impacts both small businesses and large enterprises and can result in economic fallout on a global scale. We are excited to partner with ESET which delivers a true global deployment footprint. ESET’s ransomware optimizations will work across both Intel vPro Enterprise and our new Intel vPro Essentials targeted for SMBs. This delivers a compelling hardware and software bundle that delivers right-sized security for businesses of any size and delivers higher efficacy security when ESET software is run on Intel-based PCs. This is a major step forward to turn the tide against ransomware.

The integration of ransomware detection enhancements to ESET endpoint security resources will offer upgraded immunity to most detection bypasses. The potential of ESET endpoint security resources to identify derivative variants of ransomware threats will improve with the progress and evolution of Intel TDT machine learning.

ESET's Chief of Endpoint Solutions and Security Technologies, Előd Kironský stated:

This collaboration recognizes the immediate boost in ransomware protection that integrating Intel’s hardware-based ransomware detection technology can deliver. Tapping into telemetry at the CPU level is an effective step we can take to enable improved tracking of malicious encryption. Basically, for ESET this means exposing ransomware as it attempts to avoid detection in memory. ESET has always believed in the multi-layered approach, and by adding the silicon layer we recognize that hardware-based security is the next milestone in battling threats.

The value proposition of this partnership, for ESET and its clients, abides in the parallel benefit of employing Intel TDT machine learning frameworks to aid in the identification of ransomware and the synchronous off-loading of the processing demands to the Intel integrated graphics controller (GPU), maintaining high overall system performance.

Commenting on the topic, Kironský further stated:

Low impact to system performance is an area that ESET has always prioritized within its multi-layered software architecture and is a key selling point for many of our clients. Leveraging tech that can help us with prevention and protection, while also preserving performance is a win-win choice.

In a forthcoming release of ESET's endpoint security solutions later in the year, the benefits that this integration will bring will be made available. The company will focus on endpoints with 9th Gen, and newer Intel Core, and Intel vPro Windows-based PCs capable of having the potential of leveraging Intel TDT "out-of-the-box", in the initial phase of releases.

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