Intel to 'ditch' Pentium 4 core after Prescott

The Pentium M's are an amazing class of processors for mobile and some desktop machines- if Intel can (and i'm sure they will) sucessfully port the tech over to the mainstream desktop / server chip lines then i can see some extremely powerful chips coming on the market.

"Intel will today tear its Pentium 4 and Xeon roadmaps to shreds and announce the cancellation of its 'Tejas' and 'Jayhawk' processors and their successors. Both chips represent what was to have been the next generation of 90nm Pentium 4 and Xeon, respectively, and were scheduled to arrive in the Q2 2005 timeframe. Chips derived from them include 'Cedarmill' on the desktop, and 'Potomac' and 'Tulsa' in the Xeon series. The future of these chips is now also in question.

According to Reuters, Tejas and Jayhawk are now history. The report doesn't say what Intel will offer instead, but it seems clear that the chip giant has decided to accelerate plans to roll-out desktop processors derived from its Pentium M architecture. As we [el reg] reported yesterday and last April, Intel will launch the second-generation, 90nm Pentium M, 'Dothan', on Monday.

Dothan is in due course expected form the basis for 'Jonah', Intel's first two-core Pentium M, due to ship during H2 2005, possibly at 65nm. To date, Jonah has been scheduled to be succeeded by 'Merom' and 'Conroe', two chips based on the same architecture, during H1 2006. While Merom is to be pitched at notebooks, Conroe - crucially - is a desktop chip."

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